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A Grace Update

Hello all, I first feel like I should apologize. My blog has been majorly neglected as my schedule and life get busierView full post »

The Quiet Peace of Falling Snow

The quiet peace of falling snow will forever have a place in my heart. The night my dad passed it began to unexpectedlyView full post »

there is something in time that has sailed away forever

‘there is something in time that has sailed away forever. There are faces now I’ll never see in my mindView full post »

Self Portrait | Jan 2011

So I debated posting these because it feels rather narcissistic but I decided to put my fear of vanity aside for theView full post »

A critter on my door

I found this photo that I took about a year ago. Can you spot my little friend? He stayed there for about a week andView full post »

World meet Royce

With my facebook feed swarmed with pictures of new born babies, I thought I would post some pictures of my nephew dog,View full post »

Mossy mail boxes

I have finally figured out how to hook up my blog to my iPhone. Super excited about my new ability to blog on the goView full post »

The new do

I told myself I wouldn’t do this again. But a certain celebrity cut her hair and was on the cover of a magazineView full post »

Christmas in Seattle

So Nick and I are spending our first christmas in Seattle. This is my first Christmas not with family and so I tried toView full post »

foggy morning walks

My husband is working at a local coffee shop. Since we are operating as a one car family for the time being, I oftenView full post »

a lesson in what not to do

I am a photographer and a designer. Not a coder or a techy. If I would have realized this before, this accident wouldView full post »

March in Colorado

If you have lived in Colorado you know that every March, unlike the rest of the world, we expect some random snow. AndView full post »