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Talia + Dom – Boulder wedding

I loved Talia and Dom’s intimate Boulder wedding at the Greenbriar Inn. This quaint little restaurant venue just North of Boulder has the vibe of a English pub but with the garden of a lush countryside. Plus not too far away is a beautiful field perfect for galavanting and capturing some true Colorado portraits in. Talia and Dom had to quickly plan their wedding as they graduated with the doctorates and earned internship programs out of state. So they planned this beautiful day so that they could celebrate with close family and friends. One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is seeing every couple’s special traditions. Dom’s family was from Lithuania and so they brought with them some of their traditions. Dom’s parents met the newly weds at their reception with bread, salt and water. Dom and Talia then ate these offerings as a symbol of prosperity in their new marriage.

I was honored to document Talia and Dom’s intimate affair. It was truly beautiful and filled with community. Good luck to you as you become amazing doctors together!

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