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Eli & Vanessa – Tivoli Wedding

This might be my longest blog – and that’s really saying something. What can I say? Eli and Vanessa a pure gold. I loved everything about their beautiful Tivoli wedding in Downtown Denver. We had plenty of time before the wedding to take pictures of them and their bridal party around the Tivoli Student Union and they even left some time to do a sunset shoot after their ceremony. Their obvious and generous joy was overflowing on that day. I love how when Eli laughs he throws his head back and fully laughs with his whole body. And Vanessa had this easy, breezy air about her like today was exactly where she was supposed to be. There were moments where I was seriously impressed with her ability to just be present and in the moment breathing it all in. These two married right and their wedding showed it! What a great day to celebrate love.

Enjoy the (copious) amounts of photos from their lovely day.

Venue: Tivoli Student Union at University of Colorado Denver campus
Flowers: Whole foods
Cater: Bill Hundley

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