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Mary + Dylan – Horsetooth Reservoir wedding photography

I am so excited to have Christa as a new member of my team! She has been second shooting weddings with me for three years and when she expressed interest in spreading here own wings as a primary photographer, I was like “Heck yes!” She has such a creative eye. She captures shots that I would never think of capturing and I really love the film quality that her digital prints have. She edits her photos with rich colors and beautiful tones. Really I think any bride would be blessed to have her photograph their day. So here is her first blog post on team GCP! And what a beautiful wedding to feature her work.


A little note from Christa from the wedding . .

Mary and Dylan are not a couple who wanted a lot of fuss or stress involved in planning their wedding, so choosing a beautiful rock outcropping overlooking Horsetooth reservoir and being surrounded by a small group of close family and friends was the perfect choice. The wind was blowing just enough to give life to Mary’s beautiful auburn hair and to move in clouds for a moody and romantic sky while they exchanged their vows.

The reception took place in the front yard of Mary’s family home. There was so much attention to detail given to the whole space – such a casual and warm feeling. A local pizza truck was busy churning out a delicious, artisanal pizza bar while guests played lawn games and enjoyed the warm summer day. I just loved how intimate and special this wedding was and how perfectly fitting it was for Dylan and Mary.

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