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Becky + Casey – Vail Engagement Session

Every time I photograph a session in Vail, I fall more and more in love with this quaint little mountain village. About a month before Becky and Casey’s engagement session, my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Vail at the Sebastian. It was nice to go back and see the town decked out in fall colors.

Becky and Casey are Vail Valley locals and they really showed me the best parts of their neck of the woods. We started their engagement session in Vail Village. Since they spend a lot of their lives in Vail, they wanted at least a portion of their engagement session to highlight their time there. Once we were done strolling through the little ski town, we hoped in a car and drove to Piney Lake – which is well worth the drive. It was a fall playground up there – complete with a lake surrounded by aspens, wood cabins and canoes. Not to mention the gorgeous mountain views! I was honored that Becky and Casey chose me to capture this season in their life. It was truly an engagement session to remember.

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