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Valerie + Hunter – The Barn at Raccoon Creek

Who knew you could find love in a bar. Val and Hunter met just like that – at a local pub that they both frequented. Hunter would love me to say that he probably was super smooth and said all the right words but judging by how stunning Valerie is, my bet is on him stumbling through combining words into sentences. I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement pictures at that very fateful bar. You can see those pictures here. But I also wanted to share their beautiful wedding day at Raccoon Creek Golf Course in Littleton, CO. The day was beautiful and though storm clouds looked to put a damper on the festivities – even those were held at bay to make a wonderful celebration. These two love birds exchanged vows on the grasses lawn outside of the courses red barn over looking the beautiful mountain range. The wind even paid a visit and made my day by lifting Valerie’s veil and making everything look awfully romantic. Really the tone of the day was laughter and love!

Venue: The Barn at Raccoon Creek

Dress: The Wedding Collection – Pronovias

Bridesmaids Dresses: Weddington Way

Hair: Cindy Rausch

Make-up: Katie Miesbauer

Cake: The Makery Cake Co.


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