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Sam + Ken – Omni Interlocken Wedding Photography

Joy. Laughter. An all around great time. I think these are the perfect words to describe Sam and Ken. These two know how to live life with so much joy and laughter. Having just celebrated my 5th wedding Anniversary (can I get a Whoot, Whoot!) I think one of the best qualities you can have in a significant other is someone who can let the little things roll off their back and they can laugh at themselves and, occassionally (or in my case – all the time), at you. Yes, being in love is important but someone you can find joy with is just as. These two are the kindest and most fun people – which consequently means they are hard to wrangle for group pictures (*see Ken in glasses picture below). I had so much fun shooting their wedding at the Omni Interlock Hotel in Broomfield, Colorado. They were laid back and non stressed and that made their day a breeze. My favorite weddings to shoot are the ones where you feel like you are shooting your best friends wedding – and this felt just like that (*see Grace and Sam in photo booth picture).

Congrats Sam + Ken!

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