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Valerie + Hunter – Downtown Denver Engagement Session

A girl walks into a bar . . . and meets her husband. At least that is how it was for Valerie and Hunter. They met at a local pub – the Ogden Street South. Its a little neighborhood pub and on one fateful night Valerie and Hunter’s worlds crossed and the rest is history. When we talked about where they would like their engagement session to take place, these two both said “why not do it where it all started?” So we headed to the pub to start of our session. These two also have a combined love for the Rockies so we paid a visit to the historic Coors field to take some photos with their sweet black lab. As the sunset, we moved on up to my secret downtown Denver overlook to finish off the night. Really it was a beautiful night.

Not to mention that later that night, my husband’s hockey team won STATE! So I think that means all kinds of good luck for these two.

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